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Fibre recycling is in the Platt & Hill Families genes. The company has always gone the extra mile for customers in order to develop long lasting relationships: trust is an integral part of the relationship. The management are not faceless individuals who hide away in far boardrooms but are always at hand in the factories and this is why unlike many of their competitors, they are in their 3rd century of business. The company works with their customer, always looking for new improvements and opportunities which can benefit both parties. The reward for the customer is a first class product delivered within the agreed perimeters, for Platt & Hill it is the development of a lasting relationship and repeat orders.

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Below is a list of the key personnel, specialists in their fields, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact them.

All product enquiries  
Andrew Hill- Tel : 0161-621 4414,  Nick Hill Tel: 0161 621 4421,


Production & Operations
John Platt
Tel : 0161-621 4405


Finance & Administration
Michelle Iwandwytsch
Tel : 0161-621 4416


Product Research & Development
Tel : 0161- 621 4402


Sales Office Enquiries
Tel : 0161- 621 4401



Platt & Hill Limited.
Belgrave Mill, Fitton Hill Road
Oldham Lancashire OL8 2LZ
Tel : 0161-621 4400
Fax : 0161-621 4408
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